WordPress SEO services & optimization

WordPress SEO services & optimization are the practice of improving a website's visibility and ranking on search engines such as Google. This is done by optimizing various on-page and off-page elements of the website, such as content, meta tags, backlinks, site speed, and user experience. The goal of SEO is to increase organic traffic to a website and improve its online presence.


WordPress SEO Services

Do WordPress websites rank higher than HTML websites?

Basically, WordPress websites do not have any inherent advantages or disadvantages over HTML/CSS sites developed from scratch. Google treats both kinds of websites the same, in broad strokes.

If you want proof, look at the web around you. If Google preferred WordPress website over other CMS or custom code, 99% of the web would use WordPress CMS. Anything Google prefers is dominant on the web, so it should come as no surprise that anything sanctioned becomes the norm.

However, WordPress can have some advantages and some disadvantages for SEO optimization, depending on how you set it up and what you’re using. Those advantages and disadvantages will be discussed below, so you can decide what to do when developing your website.

Test Your Website Speed

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At V Digital Services, we know what search engines are looking for – and we make sure that your website has it all. Our SEO team strengthens your website’s integrity with high-quality content, optimized headlines and HTML tags, and high-resolution images that will earn you the right kind of traffic.


There’s more to SEO than meets the eye, making off-page optimization just as important to your brand’s credibility and internet presence. You have what it takes to be a leader in your industry, and we can help you prove it. Our specialists will start stocking up on positive reviews and qualified links using social media marketing, influencer marketing, and link building.


Easy-to-fix errors on the back end of your site could be impeding search engines attempting to crawl your website. Something as simple as page speed can either help or hurt your search engine rankings, so it only makes sense to implement technical.

WordPress SEO Services

Our WordPress SEO
Services Deliver Results

We won’t just tick off a WordPress SEO services checklist and call it a day. We will strive above and beyond to maximize your ROI and deliver a High-performance website for you. Our WordPress SEO services include all of this. Every campaign we create is tailored to your site and niche. This personalization allows you to get the most out of our services and your Devshark campaign


Our WordPress SEO services specialists will draw on our resources & expertise as a full-service SEO agency to boost your Google ranking. We don’t just aim to increase your SEO, we help you achieve outstanding results.

SEO Audit

We’ll conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your site within 36 hours and provide tailored recommendations for your company’s website.

On-page SEO

Are all of your web pages optimized for Google search engines? We’ll check and devise a plan to boost your website rankings and increase your visibility!

SEO Analytics

SEO Analytics is a vital component of all results-driven SEO service campaigns. Our SEO experts, USA-based, will analyze your SEO to see what’s working.


Social media is an important element of your digital marketing strategy. With Devshark, you can improve your social presence and link back to your site for easier search engine visibility.


A slow-loading website will circuitously affect your organic search rankings and improve your bounce rate. Devshark will increase your site's speed to achieve your goals. We will get your WordPress website performing at its optimal level.


We will ensure your website is secure. An insecure website may experience data loss or downtime. A secure site is a safe site and performs better due to better security measures. A campaign with DevShark can help you find potential weak points in your security and patch them up.

Technical SEO

Our Devshark team of technical SEO experts will conduct an audit to identify issues, and then ensure that your company website is optimized to rank highly in your target international search engines as well as provide the most effective possible user experience for website visitors.

Relevant Keywords Only

Devshark understands that translating keywords is not enough when offering content in different languages. Keyword research is tailored to suit the natural language preferences and idioms of the target population without sounding forced.

Our WordPress SEO services tool

Yost Seo

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress Seo services plugin that helps users optimize their websites for search engines. It provides features such as content analysis, meta-tag optimization, and XML sitemap generation.

Rank Math

Rank Math is a popular WordPress Seo services plugin that helps users optimize their websites for search engines. It provides features such as content analysis, meta-tag optimization, and XML sitemap generation, and it also includes advanced features like 404 error monitoring and redirection management.

Seo Optimizations

SEO Manager

SEO Manager is an app available on the Shopify app store that helps merchants improve their website's search engine ranking by optimizing their site structure, meta tags, and other elements that impact SEO. The app provides recommendations and tools to optimize product and collection pages, and tracks performance with analytics and reports.

SEO Image Optimizer

SEO Image Optimizer is a Shopify app that helps merchants optimize their product images for search engines. The app automatically generates and updates alt tags for images, helping to improve the website's visibility in image search results.

Independent research from clutch has named Devshark the top SEO agency in the worldwide

Our organic SEO Services for Different Industry Verticals:

wordpress seo services

Medical services

Reach maximum patients and medical representatives through the highest SEO practices with the help of an SEO optimization service company.

wordpress seo services


Communicate better with an expert content marketing team and organic SEO optimization services based on your audience preferences and improve your retail sales business.

wordpress seo services

Food & Beverage

Outsource organic SEO services to an SEO service provider with experience working in the food and beverage industry and knows how to increase your brand recognition.

wordpress seo services

Real Estate

Stand out from your competitors, say what you do in a mode that counts through our white-hat organic SEO practices, and gain more attraction to your business..


Reach the correct industrial audience with the help of our expert SEO specialists, who have expertise in providing organic SEO services for different industry verticals.

WordPress SEO services

Field Services

Our knowledgeable SEO optimization specialists take your field service to the next level by increasing your traffic and increasing your perfect lead funnel.

WordPress SEO services

Travel Agency

Gain customers/leads internationally by targeting the audience region or following to your business goals and taking your travel agency to the next level.


The right SEO specialist agency can help you reach your targeted audience and help you stand out among your competitors. Talk to our SEO experts now.

How do WordPress SEO consultants help you?

You know you need to increase your website’s SEO, but is a WordPress SEO consultant, right for you? When you choose Devshark as your WordPress SEO company, you’ll reap numerous benefits for your business.

Here’s what our digital SEO agency can do for you:

We can help you improve your website traffic

One of the biggest benefits of SEO is that it drives more qualified traffic to your website. When you increase traffic to your website, you increase the number of potential customers that visit your website.

By targeting important keywords in your industry, we can help you rank in relevant Google search results. When you rank higher in these search results, more qualified users are likely to click on the listing, visit your site, and potentially make a purchase.

By increasing traffic to your website, you send positive signals to Google, which can improve your ranking in other search results, you can hold higher rankings for critical key terms in your industry, which will help you continue to drive qualified traffic.

Our WordPress SEO service agency can help you stay ahead of the competition.

You’re not the only company vying for your audience’s attention in Google search results. It’s not just you who’s looking for new customers; there are dozens of companies like yours. When you partner with DevShark, we can help you to provide best wordPress SEO Services for outrank your competition in search engine results pages.

We’ll help you identify keywords your competitors might be targeting so you can compete with them.

Plus, we help you create informative and helpful content that your audience is actively searching for. This content will give you a competitive edge by driving more relevant traffic, which will lead to improved rankings and revenue. We can help you improve leads, calls, sms, and sales.

WordPress SEO Services
WordPress SEO Services

Our WordPress SEO services Agency can help you stay focus and grow on your business

You’re busy running your business. From day-to-day activities to managing your staff, you have a lot on your list. SEO is an in-depth marketing strategy that requires time to optimize and to improve continually — and time might be the last thing you have.

Devshark offers WordPress website SEO services to help you take control of your SEO campaign rather than letting it suffer. From keyword selection to content creation, we take care of everything to ensure that you continuously drive traffic to your website.

All you need to do is focus on managing your new customer base.

We can help you increase leads, calls, and revenue

When you invest in SEO services, the goal is to improve the quality of leads, SMS, calls, and revenue generated for your business. By partnering with Devshark as your WordPress SEO consultant, we can help you grow all three for your company.

We can help you optimize your website for a better user experience, from keyword selection to call-to-action (CTA) placements. These actions lead to more time spent interacting with your business, more quote requests, and more sales.

WordPress SEO Services

What Our Clients say about our SEO Agency.

Here at Devshark, we can help your company grow.

The efforts of Devshark resulted in an increase of 30% in unique monthly website traffic and increased purchases on the site. The Devshark team was friendly and professional, emphasizing the importance of effective communication both internally and with their clients to create an excellent final product.

Alvaro O'Hehir Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

The SEO and marketing efforts have contributed to an improvement in visitors and ranking, plus a decrease in bounce rates from the website. The Devshark team has been a consistent partner during the project. Their personable, professional, and knowledgeable qualities make them easy to work with.

David Giambruno CEO nucleaus]

Leads have increased since the updated system was established. Quality copy on your landing page drives users through a comprehensive qualification funnel. Devshark established effortless collaboration and worked diligently to produce results. A proactive, motivated partner can be expected.

RYAN Salt Community driven leader

We’re an expert WordPress SEO agency offering the following services:

  • WordPress speed optimization
  • Installation of SEO plug-ins
  • WordPress theme change
  • XML sitemap management
  • URL optimization
  • Content development strategy
  • Link profile analysis
  • Detailed SEO Reporting
  • Monthly review and strategy calls

& much more

We'll Transform Your WordPress Website Into A High-Converting Machine

Your WordPress site is your 24/7 salesperson. You want your site to pitch your product or service and be attractive to prospects. Our WordPress SEO services Consultants will get it performing at its optimum ASAP.

  • Rise Up The Search Engine Results Pages
  • Higher Click Through & Conversion Rate
  • Increased Volume Of Targeted Organic Traffic
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Boost Email Sign-Ups
  • More Social Shares
wordpress seo services


SEO service, or search engine optimization service, is a set of techniques that help a website ranking well on search engine results pages for relevant Google search terms. With a smart search engine optimization service strategy, you can increase traffic to your website through organic search results.

SEO involves improving your website in accordance with user needs and Google’s algorithms, which aim to rank the most relevant, informative content for searchers. SEO techniques aim to make your website easier for users and search engine crawlers to understand and more valuable to users.

SEO encompasses a wide range of techniques that focus on adding relevant keywords to your website content. These techniques focus on making your site more user-friendly, earning links from reputable sources, and more.

Google Search engine optimization or SEO services are digital marketing services that increase rankings in search results for keywords relevant to a given business. These increased rankings improve the business’ visibility in search engines and drive qualified traffic to its website. For the most effective results, website SEO services should include a custom strategy and various SEO tactics, including on-page, technical SEO, and off-page.

Various factors determine the ideal SEO optimization service for your business, but here’s an overview of which services work effectively for which companies.

  • Local SEO services are best for reaching users in your local area. It works ideally for businesses that have Bodily locations or serve specific regions.

  • E-commerce Search engine optimization is for businesses that sell products online and can help relevant shoppers discover your business products.

  • Enterprise SEO is SEO for large businesses or businesses with mammoth websites. Enterprise SEO strategies often have more of a focus on broad, short & Long_tail keywords.

Whichever type of service you choose, a complete SEO plan covering all aspects of SEO such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical SEO is typically the most useful approach. An SEO expert can help you determine the right plan for you.

SEO is more than just driving organic traffic — it’s also Lead revenue from organic traffic. That’s why our SEO services focus on generating your company’s revenue from organic traffic. This is so you can power significant initiatives, like expanding into another locality launching a new business product, or giving back to the community. Learn how our SEO optimization services make it happen:

Target keywords that convert

Every stage of the funnel is equally vital. Ranking very well for a bottom-of-the-funnel keyword, however, will provide organic revenue fast. That’s why our SEO optimization experts focus on quality keywords that capture and convert capable leads or big sales for your business first.

Track SEO-driven sales from conversion to close

Sales and marketing come together in our SEO optimization management services. With our client-exclusive (and proprietary) technology, you’ll have access to which quality leads and sales come from SEO. The result? You can calculate SEO’s ROI instantly.

Activate first-party data to power campaigns

Power an omnichannel marketing approach with our SEO optimization services, which generate rich first-party data (via organic traffic visits) your business can use for remarketing campaigns, email outreach & more.

Leverage industry-leading SEO optimization experts

You have a marketing team at your fingertips when you use Devshark. With their expertise, from SEO optimization and content marketing to business consulting and tech enablement, your business can adapt to market conditions.

Looking for plans and seo pricing? Get a preview of our SEO services plans

Too many wordpress Seo services take a copy & paste approach to SEO. That’s not our style — and it is not how we’ve driven $1 billion in revenue for our clients in just the past six years. Instead, we build custom search engine optimization service plans based on your company business, industry, and goals. Get a look of what that can look like below:

Here is a list of all our SEO deliverables

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